Folding Doors

Folding Doors

A world without barriers

Folding doors are a system that creates an opening with an excellent view of the surroundings, where the border between the house and the garden or terrace is completely blurred. These systems offer a choice of different configurations, including solutions with standard opening doors: for example, you can fold all the sashes to one side or design the structure so that the sashes fold on both sides. You can also choose to have panels that fold outwards or inwards.



This system is characterized by its versatility – it includes a wide range of configurations with up to 14 sashes, making it possible to create even and odd compositions, opening inwards and outwards.

With the aim of facilitating access to the rooms, the bottom frame is designed to be recessed, so that the threshold remains completely hidden.


Concept Folding® 77 combines a high degree of insulation and comfort with maximum solar permeability and an amazing appearance.

There are 4 door threshold solutions available: high airtight, intermediate airtight, low threshold and even flat threshold to meet all customer requirements.

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