Terrace Doors

Terrace Doors


Minimalist sliding door systems are designed to create individual style of the building by designing huge glazing with 94% glass area. Such solutions allow for maximum interior illumination while minimising visible aluminium sections. Thanks to these solutions, it is possible to meet the requirements of contemporary architecture.
Maximum open space is possible by using a pocket solution. After sliding the sashes all the elements are hidden in the wall and nothing limits the view. Another interesting solution is the so-called 90° opening corner, where after pulling the sashes apart there is no mullion but only free space.


A lift and slide door system characterised by high thermal insulation with a U-value of 0.9 (W/m²K).

The system is based on a mechanism that allows the sash to be raised when opening and lowered when closing. The 4600 system is extremely durable and at the same time lightweight, guaranteeing ease of opening and ensuring that the sash slides perfectly on the stainless steel track.


These solutions are recommended for countries with a milder climate, such as England. It is a sliding window and door system with a modern look, consisting of straight profile edges and a centre post only 35 mm wide.

For sashes weighing up to 240 kg, maximum dimensions of 2200 mm (H) x 2600 mm (W) are possible.


The entire perimeter of the frame can be fully concealed and the centre post is only 25 mm wide. The possibility of automated opening has been introduced, which allows the sash weight to be increased to 700 kg (up to 400 kg when opening manually).

The rollers are located in the frame and the sashes have a reinforced inox steel rail, which makes them slide gently.


Robust design allows for glass units weighing up to 750 kg and fixed elements weighing up to 1200 kg. This system provides excellent insulation due to the possibility of double and triple glazing, thus giving a feeling of warmth and comfort.

It is possible to use a recessed threshold, where we do not have any elevation. This guarantees the best appearance and comfort in use.

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