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Our offer includes aluminium windows which fit in every kind of building regardless of its style, ranging from classic architectural solutions through romantic to industrial and modern. Sophisticated shapes of profiles, wide choice of colours, including wood-like, and precision of performance – these are elements which feature our joinery and make our products’ appearance and aesthetics stand out.

We offer a large range of interesting solutions for both home and industry, including out opening windows, sliding windows, revolving windows, windows with a hidden sash, as well as windows of exceptionally high thermal performance.

Sample windows types

Windows opening inwards


Windows that open outwards


Revolving and sliding windows


Sample system solutions

AWS 112 IC

AWS 112.IC (Insulation Cover) is aluminium window system which meets the stringent criteria of passive house certification – Uf-value = 0.8 W/(m²K) with 120 mm face width. Optimised thermal insulation is achieved due to insulated cover profile with fixing which is free from thermal bridging. Thanks to this window solution Schüco AWS 112 IC has set a new benchmark for the aluminium window systems market which offers a comfortable room climate through outstanding thermal performance and an appealing design.

AWS 90. SI+ Green

AWS 90.SI+ Green is a new generation of windows produced using forward-looking and eco-friendly materials. This aluminium windows system provides high thermal insulation to passive house level Uw-value from 0.8 W/(m²K). In these windows castor oil has been applied in polyamide insulating bars as renewable raw material. Insulating bars, foam and gaskets are manufactured from materials with significant proportions of renewable raw materials. Thus Schüco company was the first to introduce aluminium windows with a considerable level of renewable raw materials into serial certified production.


AWS 90 BS.SI + is a system offering high thermal insulation to passive house level. Heat transfer coefficient Uf value = 1,2W(m2K) and narrow visible widths of profiles allow the realization of harmonious glazing with concealed leaves. In this system we can apply mechatronic fittings Schüco TipTronic and glazing thickness to 58mm.

New system of window solutions in block design AWS 90 BS.SI+ is the best possible proof that aesthetics and good taste may go together with an excellent thermal insulation.


Softly rounded outer contour of the sash in the Schüco Window AWS 70 SL.SI in conjunction with the matching glazing bead is an attractive solution and ensures an interesting appearance as well as improved thermal insulation properties.

In combination with the Schüco AvanTec concealed fittings, Schüco AWS 70 SL.HI meets the highest standards in terms of both design and ease of use.


This is one of the most innovative window and door systems, which aims to maximally reduce energy consumption. This system has best-in-class performance combined with a variety of opening types, while being extremely versatile. It has connecting profiles for sliding systems and curtain walls. The windows are certified as passive house.

  • Frame installation depth (mm): 97-107
  • Sash installation depth (mm): 107
  • Air permeability: up to 600pa class 4
  • Wind load resistance: up to 2000pa class c5
  • Watertightness: up to 900pa class E900
  • Acoustic insulation (dB): 46 (-1;-4)


Concept System® 38-SL is a highly thermally insulated system designed for inward and outward opening windows. Minimalistic design is highlighted by an invisible drainage system, avoiding the use of drainage caps at the outside of the window. This system has burglar resistance properties in class 2. This system’s slender exterior contours give a window simple but elegant appearance. System CS 38-SL can be used in steel constructions respecting the original design of windows and doors.

  • Frame installation depth (mm): 76-99
  • Sash installation depth (mm): 72-86
  • Air permeability: up to 600Pa class 4
  • Wind load resistance: up to 1600Pa class C4
  • Watertightness: up to 750Pa class E750
  • Acoustic insulation (dB): 45


This is a system with a high level of thermal insulation with the possibility of using standard and so-called “hidden” sashes The insulation solution used in the system provides the highest degree of stability, watertightness and airtightness, and also allows the use of triple glazing. Four aesthetic variants make it possible to match any architectural style.

  • Frame installation depth (mm): 77-87
  • Sash installation depth (mm): 80-87
  • Air permeability: up to 600Pa class 4
  • Wind load resistance: up to 1600Pa class C4
  • Watertightness: up to 900Pa class E900
  • Acoustic insulation (dB): 45 (-1;-4)


  • Glazing: max. 65mm
  • Cross-sections: Frame 80mm / Sash 88mm
  • Polyamide strip length: 45mm
  • Maximum sash dimensions: Width (L) 1500mm Height (H) 3500mm
  • Thermal insulation: Uw ≥ 0,66 (W/m2K)
  • Maximum acoustic insulation: Rw = 46 dB
  • Air permeability: (EN 12207) Class 4
  • Water tightness: (EN 12208) Class E1950
  • Wind resistance: (EN 12210) Class C5

COR 80 HO hidden sash IT

  • Glazing: max. 50mm
  • Cross-sections: Frame 80mm / Sash 80mm
  • Polyamide strip length: 45mm
  • Maximum sash dimensions: Width (L) 1200m Height (H) 3500mm
  • Thermal insulation: Uw up to 0,8 (W/m2K)
  • Maximum acoustic insulation: Rw = 46 dB
  • Air permeability: (EN 12207) Class 4
  • Water tightness: (EN 12208) Class E1500
  • Wind resistance: (EN 12210) Class C5


  • Glazing: 44mm
  • Cross-sections: Frame 70mm / Sash 70mm
  • Polyamide strip length: 32mm
  • Maximum sash dimensions / Side hung Width (L) = 750mm Height (H) = 1750mm
  • Maximum sash dimensions / Top hung Width (L) = 1800mm Height (H) = 1800mm
  • Thermal insulation: Uw up to 1,0 (W/m2K)
  • Maximum acoustic insulation: Rw = 45 dB
  • Air permeability: (EN 12207) Class 4
  • Water tightness: (EN 12208) Class E1200
  • Wind resistance: (EN 12210) Class CE 2400


The MB-104Passive is a window and door system that provides the highest thermal insulation performance, and meets all the requirements for passive and energy-efficient building. This system is used to make exterior joinery (e.g. various types of windows, doors, vestibules, shop windows and spatial structures), which is characterized by very good sound insulation, water- and air tightness as well as high structural strength. The MB-104Passive system’s profile construction comes in two variants, depending on the requirements for thermal energy savings: SI and AERO.


MB-86 is the first aluminium system to apply aerogel – material of excellent thermal insulation. The MB-86 system’s profile construction comes in three variants, depending on the requirements for thermal Energy savings: ST, SI i AERO.

One of the undoubted advantages of this system is an exceptional rate of profiles inertia that allows for greater windows in size and weight. The MB-86 system offers a variety of extruded aluminium framings, including concealed hinges as well as water draining in a concealed option.


MB-FERROLINE is a window system perfectly suitable for renovation of historic buildings and helps to preserve the classic appearance of windows, which can imitate steel joinery. This system enables making a variety of inward opening windows, outward opening windows as well as fixed windows of not only high thermal insulation but also excellent sound insulation performance, water resistance and air tightness.

MB-FERROLINE offers several types of profile appearance. In addition there are renovation frames available within the system which enable installing new constructions without the necessity to disassemble the old frames, and thus there is no risk of damage to the surrounding wall.


MB-Slimline window system with thermal break is intended for manufacturing different types of inward opening windows and fixed windows.

With its very small-width aluminium profile, visible from the external side of the construction, MB-Slimline enables to fabricate casements in two variants – with visible or invisible profiles (SG) from the external side of the construction. When invisible casements are used, the appearance of fixed and openable units is almost identical. This system can also greatly replace the old-style windows made of steel profiles and maintain the similar appearance, whilst considerably increasing thermal insulation of the partition.

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